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Never Say Die: The Making Of A Healer

by Pauline Avis and David McNab

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Learn the deeper truth about life, health, disease and healing!

This 2006 spiritual classic by two of New Zealand's leading rebirthers and trainers, Pauline and David McNab, picks up where the popular self-help books leave off. Set as a course text in many rebirthing courses around the world, this book explores the depths of cellular consciousness, and gives you the tools to attain your own real inner freedom.

In the words of Leonard Orr, founder of rebirthing-breathwork:

"I love it! At last, a book about rebirthing that I can recommend as enthusiastically as my own books! Your quotes and acknowledgements are appropriate and I appreciate them. Send me another case of them, I am enjoying selling them!"
Never Say Die: The Making Of A Healer is a collection of essays which probe the hidden depths of the human condition, and offer some revolutionary insights and solutions to age-old problems.

Based on the authors' personal healing experiences, and the healings of many people they have worked with over the years, these essays will open your eyes to some hidden truths of human life. "The root cause of all illness", claims Pauline Avis, "is emotional".

She argues that the body is connected to a universal collective consciousness, and possesses an unfathomable intelligence and a natural ability and tendency to heal itself of any condition and sustain itself in perfect health indefinitely.

These arguments are not just rhetoric; this book is filled with examples of people who have healed through their willingness to examine all of their core beliefs and release a lifetime of blocked painful emotions (which most people tend to keep suppressed, at great cost, in the depths of the subconscious).

If you're challenged by physical illness, stress or other misfortune, or if your life is generally happy and you're just looking to deepen your understanding, this book is a must-read.

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