Wellington practitioners

Mary Marsh
Phone: (04)479-5119
Rebirther, Massage Therapist, Aromatherapist
Rebirther training with Leonard Orr and Colin Sisson. One of New Zealand's longest-serving rebirthers. Registered with Rebirth International

Edi Szentirmay
Phone: (022) 689-6793
Email: edimsz@gmail.com
Rebirther, NLP Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, Relaxation Massage, Time Line Therapist
Rebirther training with David McNab and Pauline Avis McNab, and Leonard Orr.
Breath Integration training with Colin Sisson.
NLP Training and Time Line Therapy with Dr Richard Bolstad, John Overdurf and Julia Silverthorn
Reiki training with Lena Johansson
Relaxation massage training with Michael Hayman


Haille Denniston
Phone: (06) 368-6204 or (021) 1434 099
Email: haille@clear.net.nz
Practitioner of Rebirthing, Sacred Renewal Breathwork and Reiki
'I've been involved in Rebirthing Breathwork for over 20 years and facilitating the process for clients since 2002. I enjoy being constantly 'in training', having studied with national and international teachers, including Leonard Orr, and done many trainings with Sondra Ray. Rebirthing has taught me that struggle and limitations are optional. If you're also committed to living the life you want, I would love to help you get there with ease, no matter what stage you're at. You deserve it.'