Practitioners: Hamilton and Greater Waikato

Pauline and David McNab - Hamilton
Phone: (07) 850-4040 or (021) 209-9240

Pauline McNab is one of New Zealand's longest standing and successful rebirthing practitioners. Trained in rebirthing by Leonard Orr and Dr. Darag Rennie, as well as in primal therapy by Dr Graham Farrant, Pauline has, since the early 1980s, personally worked with thousands of people and trained close to 100 practitioners. She has also facilitated countless seminars and workshops on subjects as diverse as relationships, sexuality, ideal weight, prosperity, family awakenings, natural healing and body mastery.

Her husband David joined her on this challenging path in 1995. Formerly a systems software developer, he has welcomed the switch from the IT industry to the career of helping people break through their barriers. He is also studying towards a science degree in psychology at Massey University, with a view to eventually running a series of peer-reviewed scientific studies of rebirthing, and ultimately campaigning for its acceptance as a respected mainstream healthcare modality.

Maxine Bojars - Ohaupo

Phone: (021) 297-4285 Email:

Maxine is qualified in the following healing modalities: Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Reiki 3A (Master Level) of the Usui System of Reiki. Rebirthing Breathwork, and Theta healing Basic and Advanced DNA. She also provide Crystal healing. She achieved a 93% pass rate in Applied Anatomy and Physiology which gave her a far greater understanding of how the body functions and interconnects. She is also a certified member of Reiki NZ Inc., and a current First Aider.

Many people have visited her with either physical injuries, aches and pains, emotional blockages, old beliefs, stress, lack of energy or to improve their general well being and were amazed at the results and how great they felt after receiving treatment. She has also treated people who felt that they have not reached their true potential in life, they feel held back by their beliefs or experiences and after receiving treatments are now able to successfully move on in life, feel stronger, more confident and happier.

Maxine is very passionate about all of these holistic therapies and excited with the positive changes she sees in people.