Benefits to Self-Esteem

Most of the people we've worked with have had a deep inner belief something along the lines of "I'm not good enough". As successful as we might be on the surface - brilliant in business, devoted in our relationships, achieving in sport or the arts, we usually tend to harbour an inner critic. No matter how great our achievement, the innter critic can pull it to pieces.

As a wise teacher in Sydney once expressed it, "Life is a banquet, but nearly all of us starve to death". Just picture it - a smorgasboard with all the finest foods, free for everyone, with almost nobody touching it - everyone is crawling about on the floor in the shadows, hoping for the occasional crumb to fall their way.

Rebirthing offers a powerful tool for breaking free of all that conditioning. With a little effort, you will learn to recover that inner diamond, that perfect shimmering jewel, that divine essence, of your real inner self. It comes a piece at a time. Every piece that we restore feels like a long-lost friend moving back home.

This is where rebirthing differs from other paths of self-improvement. If you just want superficial positive thinking, you can get it at your local bookshop or library, or from one of those high-profile 'success gurus'. What you won't hear about these paths is that most people get only limited, temporary results before things end up exactly as they were before. On the other hand, rebirthing gives you the tools to change things for good, to break away from the old familiar destructive reality into a whole new reality of triumph.

Come and learn rebirthing, get your first glimpses of the amazing person you really are, underneath all that negativity. (To quote the words of Marianne Williamson, "It's not our darkness that frightens us the most, it's our glory".)