Emotional Benefits of Rebirthing

Most of us are deeply affected by emotional patterns, structures of thought and emotion which formed very early in our lives and since then have exerted a powerful influence.

The biggest problem with these patterns is that we're mostly unaware of them. We think we have free will, but in reality much of our freedom is compromised by this old programming.

Rebirthing helps us to bring these old emotional blockages to the surface and release them safely, efficiently and permanently. Using rebirthing, you can:

  • Heal your inner child
  • Get rid of old blocked emotion - grief, fear, guilt, anger, loneliness etc
  • Eliminate phobias
  • Feel more emotionally secure in yourself
  • Learn to stop 'beating up' on yourself, and see yourself for the wonderful person you really are
  • Undo the hurt caused by others
  • Understand yourself and other people at much greater depth
  • Gain the confidence and power to create and maintain the types of relationship you really want

For just about everybody who does it, rebirthing gives a strong sense of coming home. You will recover so many large pieces of your humanity you thought you'd lost forever, or even forgot you ever had. Expect to feel more and more whole, more your true self, with every session.