Rebirthing Sessions

Rebirthing sessions are indeed a unique experience, totally unlike anything you will ever have experienced before.

No two people have the same experience; and even for the same individual, no two sessions will be exactly the same.

However, we can talk about the common elements of rebirthing sessions, so you can get at least some idea of what to expect, and a sense of whether rebirthing feels right for you at this time.


Rebirthing sessions usually take place in the rebirther's home, in the living area or a room especially allocated for the purpose. Many rebirthers have tried operating out of clinics, but have switched to the home space since people on the whole let go more and have better sessions.

Session Overview

Generally speaking, an overall rebirthing session will last between 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 hours, and consist of:

  1. Discussion - 10 minutes to 1 hour
  2. Breathwork - 1 to 1-1/2 hours
  3. Integration and Discussion - 15-20 minutes

Initial Discussion

This discussion time is important, and gives you a chance to get clear about what you want to address in this session.

If it's your first session, your rebirther may invite you to share some details about how your life has been for you, and the areas you want to work on. Please know that you're free to disclose as much or as little as you feel OK with at the time. Also, your rebirther will instruct you in the breathing technique, and talk about what happens in the session.

If it's a second or subsequent session, your rebirther will also be open to discussing what's happened for you since your last session.

The rebirther's job at this time is to build an empathetic connection with you, so s/he can get a deep sense of where you're coming from, and the underlying patterns that are impacting your life. By the end of this discussion, you should be feeling comfortable and ready to get on with the session.

Breathwork Session

For the breathwork, your rebirther will ask you to remove your shoes and coat, and sit back in a comfortable chair, or (more commonly) lie down on a mattress or airbed. Often, the rebirther will drape a blanket over you, up to your chest. This is to help you to stay warm throughout the session, since your body temperature may fluctuate.

Your rebirther will then guide you to start up the connected breathing, and build it up to a full, strong and steady rhythm, pulling high on the inhale and releasing freely on the exhale.

You may feel momentarily dizzy, but this will pass quickly.

After about 3-10 minutes, you will likely feel some tingling in parts of your body, most commonly your hands and feet. This is from the increased oxygen circulating in your body (and, if you're open to the idea, a buildup of 'pranic energy' or 'life force'). This tingling is not to be confused with numbness.

For the next while, you should feel these tingling and vibration feelings spreading and intensifying in your body. (Some people in their early sessions may also feel a little bit of involuntary cramping, (called tetany) in the hands, and possibly forearms and around the mouth. These feelings may be uncomfortable, but are completely safe - they are symptoms of an unconscious 'holding on', and pass before the end of the session. After a few sessions, you will have learned how to let go at depth, and this cramping will never bother you again.)

After around 20-50 minutes, the session will approach its peak. It's possible that the breathing may feel difficult, or you may feel sleepy or distracted - it's your rebirther's job to recognise such signs of unconscious avoidance and coach you through them.

When you reach the peak, your breathing should suddenly free up and become much easier. You will feel the onset of huge energy releases in your body, building up to a blissfull, ecstatic rush. You might also feel strongly emotional - people often feel huge releases, and may laugh or cry or let go all kinds of bottled up emotions. Please know that this emotional release is absolutely safe, and you have the full and absolute support of your rebirther at all times.

After several minutes of release, your body should be feeling light and tingling gently, like the feeling of shrugging off a backpack full of bricks you weren't aware you were carrying.

At the end of the session, when you're ready, your rebirther will gently escort you back to your seat.


When you're again seated, your rebirther will offer you a drink of water, tea or coffee, and talk about what happened in the session.

Based on this, your rebirther may prescribe some homework such as affirmations, reading, writing or other exercises, and make a time for your next appointment.

You should sit for at least ten minutes after the breathwork, so you're centred and safe to drive.


For up to three days after each session, the release process may continue, but should not be as intense as during the session. You will be able to get on with your life's activities, but depending on how you feel, you may want to reschedule any particularly demanding appointments. Rebirthers call this the

integration time

. After these three days, you should be feeling settled at a newer, fresher and more empowered level of consciousness.

Session Frequency

Your first sessions should ideally be spaced a week apart, or if time or resources are a challenge, a fortnight. After your first 5-10 sessions, your rebirther should suggest spacing the sessions further apart, to give you a chance to practice the breathwork in your own time and build it into your life's routine.