Frequently Asked Questions

What does rebirthing cost?

Fees charged by rebirthers vary, largely according to location and the rebirther's level of experience.  
Whatever the fee, you can be assured that it will be very cost-effective compared to mainstream medicine, counselling, psychotherapy etc.
Your rebirther will be keen to support you in making positive changes in many areas of your life, including areas of career and money. S/he will aim for you to recoup, many times over, every dollar you spend on your sessions. People profit on their investment in rebirthing in many ways, such as:
  • Career advancement, from breaking through personal limitations
  • Business success, from gaining the courage to capitalise on new opportunities
  • Overcoming or moderating costly pastimes, such as drugs, alcohol, gambling
  • Feeling better within themselves, thus eliminating the need for frivolous comfort spending
  • Gaining a deep prosperity consciousness, including improved money management skills
Most rebirthers have a policy that nobody should miss out on rebirthing sessions purely because of financial reasons. If you're financially challenged at the moment, talk to your rebirther, be creative and negotiate. Even if you're on a benefit, there are ways to make it affordable for you.

Why is it called "rebirthing"? Is it some kind of "Born-Again Christianity"?

Rebirthing is not connected with any Pentecostal or "Born-Again" Christianity, or any form of organised religion. Amongst other things, rebirthing draws its name from:
  • The sense people get of freeing themselves up, the sense of revitalisation and renewal they get in their sessions, which can feel like escaping the restrictive confines of the womb and claiming whole new levels of freedom and empowerment
  • Release of the painful tensions associated with early life, including the traumatic aspects of birth (1) (2)
People from all spiritual/religious backgrounds, including Moslems, Buddhists, atheists, Jews, New-Agers, Christians, Hindus etc regularly attend rebirthing sessions, and are able to 'map' it into their spiritual reality without conflict.

Is it safe to do rebirthing sessions alone at home?

We actively encourage you to learn to master the techniques, so you can do them at home in your own time and become independent of your therapist.
However, we strongly advise you to have a few sessions with a qualified rebirther before attempting it solo. We met a man at one time who had 'taught himself rebirthing from out of a book'. Sadly, he had missed many of the important nuances of the technique and developed many bad habits, which proved difficult and discouraging to rectify.

What qualifications do rebirthing practitioners have?

The minimal qualifications for working alone as a professional rebirthing practitioner include:
  • Completion of a recognised practitioner training course, conducted by an experienced trainer with a direct training lineage to the original founders of rebirthing, such as Leonard Orr, Sondra Ray, or any other of the twelve original rebirthers (3)
  • An extended period of working on clients with the active support and guidance of a rebirthing mentor, most typically one's original trainer - usually one to two years or more
  • A history of having facilitated ten individual rebirthing sessions, alone, for each of at least ten paying clients - amounting to at least 100 sessions, and 200 hours or more of professional contact.
Additionally to these core requirements, rebirthing practitioners may have other qualifications, such as:
  • Degrees in psychiatry, general medicine, or other medical disciplines
  • Degrees in nursing, paramedics or other health disciplines
  • Degrees and/or certificates in psychotherapy, social work, counselling or other psychological welfare disciplines
  • Qualifications in other complementary/alternative health disciplines, such as body work or intuitive healing modalities

Is rebirthing suitable for children?

Generally yes, especially for children aged (say) 10 or over, who have the attention span to focus on doing the breathing technique for the full hour. 
With children under 14, we advise that one or both parents/guardians have a couple of sessions themselves first, without the child, then bring in the child for one or two shared sessions where they can provide support, then allow the child to attend subsequent sessions alone.

What do I wear in a rebirthing session?

Comfortable, preferably loose-fitting clothing. Contrary to some rumours, a rebirther will never ask you to remove any clothing apart from your shoes and coat.

How many sessions does it take?

That varies according to your situation. Some people come for help with a single specific issue, which can be addressed in as little as one to three sessions. Other people want to do much deeper work on themselves, and work on many connected areas, which can take longer.
Rebirthers normally advise clients to do an initial session to get their first experience of the process, and after that to set a goal of completing at least ten sessions.
(In countries where rebirthing is more accepted, such as the UK, most rebirthers insist on prepayment for ten sessions before commencing the first session).
The reason for encouraging ten sessions is to give you a chance to learn the technique and grasp many of its deep subtleties, with loving and qualified support, so you can feel safe, confident and competent to practise it alone.

Does rebirthing involve any hazardous restraint techniques?

Most definitely not.
Rebirthing is a process based on breathwork, which teaches people to breathe more efficiently so as to energise and heal mind, body and spirit.
Professional rebirthers do not use any kind of coercive techniques, particularly any which might jeopardise one's ability to breathe. Some completely unrelated therapies, such as attachment therapy may use restraint techniques and seek to re-enact the birth process at a physical level. To call these techniques 'rebirthing' (as what occurred in media coverage of the tragic death of Candace Newmaker in Colorado in 2001) is grossly inaccurate.

Can rebirthing heal physical illnesses?

Rebirthers believe in the limitless magnitude of human potential, including the body's ability to heal itself of any condition if given the right support, and the client's honest and diligent efforts
However, it would be unethical, even illegal, to claim that rebirthing, of itself, cures physical illnesses.
We can truthfully say that many people around the world have enjoyed significant health improvements, remissions from their illnesses, even full and permanent healing, after incorporating rebirthing into their personal health regime.
But to claim a cause-effect relationship between rebirthing and physical healing would require hundreds of tightly controlled research studies, each replicated in at least dozens of centres worldwide, at a cost of tens or hundreds of millions of dollars. Research funding for alternative therapies is scarce to the extreme. Added to this is the fact that the dynamics of rebirthing sessions vary markedly, which makes it very difficult to impose strict experimental controls without severely impacting the intuitive flow of the sessions. So it may take some time, and some fundamental shifts of consciousness in the mainstream health establishment, before rebirthing finds its way into mainstream medical treatment protocols.

Isn't this all very unscientific?


Rebirthing is an intuitive, not a scientific disclipline. 
Rather than putting people into boxes and treating them as soulless machines controlled by chemistry and conditioning, rebirthing embraces and celebrates the rich diversity and divine humanity of each individual. It draws its effectiveness from the trained practitioner's empathy and ability to connect intuitively with each individual client, to accept and understand them at great depth, to guide them effectively in their own individual journey of healing/rejuvenation, and support them to achieve what they have come for.


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